Kreimhild "Krime" Issac Asheferd (Jemmery's Character)

  • Class: Ranger/Rogue

  • Race: Shapeshifter

  • Gender: Male

  • Eye/Hair Color: Blue / Black

  • Age:

  • Height:

  • Weight:

  • Alignment: Neutral

  • Deity Worshiped: Erathis
  • Bending Element: Haze(Dark/Wind)

Background HistoryEdit

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Notable StoriesEdit

  • Smiling but wearing a mask
  • Infiltration of a shardmind camp
  • Looking at pictures of his wife
  • Becoming the Orator
  • Becoming a WarriorKing
  • Massive shift in fighting style
  • Flurries.
  • Getting a Wife
  • Getting a Child

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